Stronghold Security

What is it?

Stronghold Security

Stronghold security is our inhouse WordPress security tooling and process. We utilize some of the strongest premium security plugins available for WordPress, you can rest assure that we’re not using some free tool with flaws. 

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Perks to having Stronghold Security

When you’re under our wing for security, we’ll make sure that none of the bad guys get to your stuff. If they do, we’ll provide disaster recovery services to help restore your website back to the functioning way it was before the attack. 

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We're armed and ready!

When you subscribe to using one of our managed services, you can fully expect to have our security measures ready to fight for you. We will monitor the health of your website and provide extensive measures to combat any attacks that may come at us.

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Did you know?

Studies show that even though you may not think you’re a target to cybercrime, you are. There’s millions of computers out there that constantly search the internet for exposed websites and security vulnerabilities. Their whole purpose in their computer robot life is to find the holes within your site and execute against them. Having proper security mechanisms in place greatly reduce the chance of a cyber incident which leaves you sad.